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Last update on 18 January, 2017  
Chemistry 101 - Syllabus - page 2
Learning Outcomes
These outcomes are expected and will be assessed on exams and quizzes:
(a) Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental principles of atomic structure, bonding, acids and bases, oxidation and reduction, and basic nomenclature,
(b) Demonstrate knowledge of fundamentals of nuclear chemistry,
(c) Demonstrate knowledge of key terminology in organic chemistry and biochemistry, (d) Demonstrate knowledge of key concepts in air and water quality as well as energy production and consumption, (e) Perform research on a topic and make a presentation intended to teach others about the key concepts.

Students will acquire knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world while developing skills and habits that foster life-long learning. Specifically, General Education Learning Outcome 1e (Quantitative Reasoning: Students will be able to solve problems that are quantitative in nature.) will be assessed in this course using student performance on problems that are quantitative in nature on the comprehensive final exam.
Attendance Policy Regular and punctual attendance at all class meetings is considered essential to optimum academic achievement. If the student is absent from more than 10% of class meetings (4 absences), the professor can file a written report which may result in de-enrollment. If absences exceed 20% (8 absences), the student may be de-enrolled without notice until the university drop date or, after that date, receive the appropriate grade for their work and participation.

I expect you to be present and on-time for each class meeting. Please send me an email in advance if you expect to be absent or late for any class meeting.
Absences are excused only for Provost-approved activities (certain events, intercollegiate sports, etc). You must notify me by email regarding your upcoming absence, even if someone else representing the Provost has sent me an email on your behalf. If you're sick and cannot attend class, please let me know by email prior to the start of the class you will miss, and visit the Wellness Center to ensure that your illness can be treated and is not more serious than you think.

If you miss any class you remain responsible for everything covered (including schedule changes, assignments, etc.). Send me an email to find out what you missed, and review notes from one or more of your classmates.
Disability Resources While all students are expected to meet the minimum academic standards for completion of this course as established by the instructor, students with disabilities may require academic accommodations. If you have a diagnosed disability, please contact PLNU's Disability Resource Center (DRC) within the first two weeks of class to demonstrate need and to register for accommodation by phone at 619-849-2486 or by e-mail at See the Disability Resource Center section of the PLNU website for additional information.
Copyright Policy Point Loma Nazarene University, as a non-profit educational institution, is entitled by law to use materials protected by the US Copyright Act for classroom education. Any use of those materials outside the class may violate the law.
PLNU adheres to the student privacy provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. Following FERPA guidelines, grades in this class will be communicated to the students on an individual basis. All graded work for this class will be returned to students individually. Exams will be returned during class with scores not visible to others.
"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate." - Anonymous Chemist