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Main page - Last update on Saturday, February 18, 2017  

Chemistry and Society - Che 101 - at PLNU

Welcome to Chemistry 101

Please refer to this website often. I will not be using Canvas. You will find updates here, mostly on the "Notes" page, where I will post slideshows, worksheets, answer keys, etc. Also, you will be doing homework from the book publisher's website.

  • Main Index Page - This page. It's what you land on when you type
  • Chemistry Syllabus (tentative) - What to expect and what is expected.
  • Mastering Chemistry
  • Calendar (tentative) - What we will do on each day.
    • Quad 1* (before Spring Break*)
    • Quad 2* (after Spring Break*)
  • Notes page (updated frequently) - Lecture notes, slide shows, study guides, in-class and take-home activities, answer keys, etc.
    *Note: Quad 1 actually ends on Feb 28; Quad 2 actually begins on Mar 1. These dates do not affect our class.